Studio Backdrops & Self Portraits

A client asked if I had something other than the standard white studio backdrop and so I thought it a good idea to take some shots against each of the backdrops I am currently using for clients to see for themselves.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a glamourous model to avail of so you are stuck with looking at lots of pictures of me I am afraid.

The colour a backdrop appears in the shots can be altered really dramatically depending on how you light it.

Feel free to comment but be gentle, there are only so many poses you can do on a stool and looking at the shots now it is scary how I turn into catalogue-man at times!

Filmstrip - Purple Backdrop

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2 Responses to Studio Backdrops & Self Portraits

  1. Alex Inns says:

    Hey Carl,

    I like the backdrops….are they colorama? were they expensive? Cool self portraits btw!

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