SP2B: Style Academy – A Photo Opportunity

This week we were asked to take some portraits of students finishing Bradford College’s Style Academy course.  The course is a 5-week programme available to students from across the college to help improve their self-confidence, their people skills and to highlight the standards to which they must aspire when dealing with the public.

All the guys we dealt with over the course of the day were still teenagers and mainly students from the catering and tourism departments.  Some were a little less comfortable in front of the camera than others but we worked with them in groups and kept things informal and fun to ease any pressure felt.

I tried to keep chatting to them and reassuring them both verbally and showing them the images being created on the LCD screen of the camera.

It was an enjoyable day and a good experience of dealing with lots of people and trying to get some pleasing shots of them with whatever the local area had to offer.    Speaking with the organisers it looks like they will have a number of photoshoot opportunities coming up in the near future so I asked for them to keep me in mind when looking for photographers.

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