TP2B: Portfolio Images

Here are the final set of images that I am submitting for the Techniques & Processes 2B module.  Many of them have already been featured in previous posts but I wanted to give the reasons for each ones inclusion.

Green Screen Composite Image:

The first is an example of me applying the techniques for using ‘green screen’ technology.  This is a composite of 2 separate images, one of me in front of a green paper backdrop and the other of a brick wall.

Clamshell Lighting:

An example of using a studio-lighting set-up involving 2 lights directly in front of the subject with one light above the other and the camera shooting between them.  Also in this shot, I have pushed the exposure on the face a little further than I would have otherwise to give that bleached, smooth-skin look that a lot of headshots are using at the moment.  This isn’t a composite, Sam was actually standing in front of the wall but useful to compare with the shot above.Using Dodge/Burn Technique to Clean up White/Dark Backgrounds:

I used the Burn tool in photoshop to clean up (darken down) the areas at the top and bottom of this image so that they wouldn’t distract from the main subject.  We were shown how to use the Dodge tool to clean up white backgrounds and this is the same technique applied to darker areas.  Separating Your Subject from the Background:

I have included a couple of examples here where I have used different lighting techniques to provide some separation between subject and background.  In the first I have used a light behind the subject facing forward to provide some rim lighting adding highlights to the hair and shoulder areas and in the second I have used a light behind the subject facing the background to light it separately.

Best Practice – Commercial:

A fun image demonstrating creativity to produce an image which I believe could be used to attract attention and successfully promote my business.Best Practice – Technical:

A portrait shot using natural daylight and some on-camera fill-flash (set to -2/3 exposure) balanced to lift the shadows but not be too obvious.  This was taken recently for Bradford College’s Style Academy.Giclee Prints:

A couple of images I have had printed as Giclees (using inkjet printers rather than photographic paper) to show how images can work on different paper types.  The first is on a ‘pearl’ finish from and while I am not a big fan of glossy Giclee prints I do like this paper for colour images.  The second is from a Bingley-based printer on Hahnemuhle White and also includes a further example of me using lighting to separate the subject from the background (you can see a highlight on her hair).  I think both are really successful portraits though which is the main reason they are included here.

So what do you think?  Are there any images above you don’t think should be submitted?

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