I’m entering the second year of a B.A. (Hons) degree in Photography at Bradford College and using this blog to record my development and progress over the 3 year course.  At 38, I walked  away from a successful career in Change Management within the I.T. sector and decided to pursue a long-standing interest in photography.

Please feel free to comment on any of the posts or images you look at……tell me if you like something or if you hate something…..its all part of the learning curve so is much appreciated and it is always nice to know that someone is actually reading these things!



p.s.  Coohullin….which is actually Cu Chulainn in Irish….was the greatest warrior of Irish mythology…..named Setanta as a boy but as a teenager he killed the dog/hound (Cu in Irish) of a local chieftain called Culainn and so Setanta, in recompense, volunteered to guard Culainn’s home until he could train a new dog.  In this way, Setanta became the dog of Culainn or Cu Chulainn!


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